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Every homeowner wants their home to be aesthetically pleasing and to avoid damaged and worn-out surfaces from appearing. We know how you feel. You make sure that you increase your home value and that your family enjoys the comfort and beauty of your home.

It’s hard to ignore even the littlest details when you’re always keen on keeping your home in the best condition possible.

Some may resort to breaking the old concrete to completely replace the damaged surfaces. However, the entire replacement may be too expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, one of the best solutions you can do for home improvement is concrete resurfacing.

This will help you lower costs than the entire replacement while still achieving the best look for your old and untidy surfaces. Instead of breaking and getting rid of the materials, you will use the existing structure and use resurfacing materials to cover the base. This will then remove and cover loose and flaky fragments of old concrete.

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Concrete Sealing vs. Concrete Resurfacing

We often hear concrete sealing and concrete resurfacing being used interchangeably. However, they are different depending on whether you like a complete makeover or just an immediate cover of your concrete surface.

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No surface loose and cracks? No need for crack repair?

If you want a quick fix to add protection and color to your driveway, you should do concrete sealing. You can resort to concrete sealing for a quick and stronger uplift of your patio, driveway, or front porch.

Want to repair your concrete driveway for an entirely unique appearance? Perhaps you want a total concrete makeover?

You should choose concrete resurfacing! When surface sealing only adds protection and color to update your concrete patio or driveway, concrete resurfacing changes significantly and all the while adds texture, pattern, and color to your concrete however you want it to be.

For a more elaborate comparison between the two of them, read on.

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  • Quick & cost and time efficient. Concrete sealing and resurfacing both deliver quick results due to the less time that both will take in their entire processes. The materials are also less costly since their processes didn’t include complete replacement of the base.
  • Concrete improvement. Both of them add to the durability and overall improvement of the concrete. They both contribute to long-lasting home improvement.
  • Requires expert help. Both processes require professionals, or at least we recommend you to refer to expert help for the entire duration of their process. This is to ensure the utmost quality of planning, cement paving, and everything included in the enhancement.
Concrete resurfacing


  • Processing time difference. Although both of them require less time than complete concrete replacement, concrete sealing and resurfacing processes are different since resurfacing includes multiple steps while sealing is quicker with its approach. It will only take a few hours for concrete sealing and two days for concrete repurchasing.

  • Ability to hide loose cracks. When you apply concrete resurfacing, the surfaces of your concrete will entirely have a different look, thus it will be fully patched and the cracks will be fully hidden. Sealing, on the other hand, will not fully hide the surface cracks.

  • Process step. While sealing is another way to help concrete improvement, it is also one of the processes when you apply concrete resurfacing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Concrete Service Questions We Hear

Should I Resurface or Replace Concrete?

The process that you should apply depends on the condition of your concrete. It would also depend on what you want to achieve for your home. Thus, the answer to this question is subjective.

It was preferred to replace the damage years ago. But with the less expensive and reliable improvement of resurfacing, this has now been exercised to continue and have a more sustainable environment since resurfacing reduces the carbon footprint that the entire replacement will take.

However, as mentioned above, it should really depend on the condition of your concrete since it would be more practical to remove and replace it when greatly damaged.

How long does concrete resurfacing last?

When properly installed and taken care of, concrete resurfacing will last for about 10-20+ years. This is a great deal especially when it costs less than the entire concrete replacement.

It is relevant for proper and reliable concrete resurfacing in order to achieve utmost longevity. It is also another important factor to consider maintenance and repairs to avoid concrete damage from developing severely. Your concrete may not need much maintenance but it will surely greatly benefit from it.

You should also go for the root cause of the damages and be sure to fix them when resurfacing the slabs. This is to ensure the long-lasting and overall sturdiness of your concrete.