Concrete Leveling



Concrete Leveling


Concrete Leveling

Correct uneven surfaces with professional concrete leveling in Johnson City. This home improvement project promotes a better structure foundation by working on the concrete surface it stands on.

Are you wondering if you need concrete raising to improve your home’s curb appeal? We’re here to help. Here’s everything you need to know about concrete leveling.

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When Is Concrete Leveling a Must?

When it comes to concrete lifting you have three options:


Otherwise known as “pressure grouting,” this specialty concrete raising option lifts sunken concrete slabs by injecting/pumping a substance that pushes it up from below. 

Professionals start the slabjacking process by drilling strategically located holes in the concrete, which maximizes the lift. Next, the void space is filled with injections to lift the concrete. Once all of the slabs have been lifted, professionals will patch the holes and complete the work.

The benefits of slabjacking include:

    • Significantly lower cost than new concrete
    • Maintenance of aesthetics (since the process does not disturb the current landscape)
    • Timely repairs
    • Minimal or no impact on the environment

On the other hand, the cons of slabjacking include:

    • The risk of new cracks as you lift the slab
    • The concrete must always be in good condition; otherwise, a replacement is a better option
    • Resettlement; concrete poured on poorly compacted soils can cause the concrete to sink further.
Concrete Leveling in Johnson City


Mudjacking uses a mixture of portland cement and topsoil to hydraulically lift the concrete slabs. However, you can achieve this method by using a variety of other mixtures. The most common mixture includes a sand blend or some local soil, mixed with cement and water. 

Similar to slabjacking, professionals will drill holes in the concrete before they inject the “mud” mixture under the slabs. Once the void has been filled, the pressure under the slab will lift the concrete back into place. 

The benefits of mudjacking are:

      • Better control over the lifting of the concrete slab
      • Low-pressure slab lifting
      • Higher compressive strength 
      • Easier access to equipment
      • Friendlier to your budget

The cons of mudjacking, on the other hand, include the following:

      • Slower process due to the smaller material volume
      • Larger access holes (compared to the other two concrete raising options)
      • More clean-up afterwards
      • Shorter warranty periods
Concrete Leveling

Limestone Grout Leveling

This concrete leveling option uses pulverized limestone (aka “agricultural lime”). The limestone is mixed with water and, in some cases, Portland cement to create a thick slurry. The semi-fluid nature of the slurry effectively fills the void that lifts the concrete slabs into place. After filling the void, cement contractors can precisely control the lift of the slab. Once everything is in place, the contractors will fill the access holes with color-matching grout. 

Benefits of limestone grout leveling include:

      • Finely controlled and low-pressure cement slab lifting
      • Smaller holes compared to mudjacking
      • Sustainable and eco-friendly
      • More affordable compared to the previous options

On the other hand, the disadvantages of this option are:

      • More clean-up afterward
      • Rainwater can erode the limestone if you don’t have enough cement

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Concrete Levelling Cost?

Many homeowners are split between DIY-ing and hiring professionals when it comes to concrete leveling in Johnson City. Cost is one of the main reasons. Some prefer the DIY approach to save money, insisting that hiring a professional can be costly. However, the prices are worth it since you don’t have to do the labor and/or worry about injuries. 

Professional concrete leveling can be expensive due to the equipment used in the process. The national average range of mudjacking services is $500 to $1,700 (for a 100 sq. ft. concrete patio). The average cost is $1,500. If you prefer using a self-leveling compound, expect to pay $180 for 100 sq. ft. 

The differences in costs are due to a variety of factors. The methods used can impact the final price tag of your concrete leveling services. Most of the methods practiced are mudjacking or self-leveling since not every concrete slab can be lifted. If you are going with the mudjacking option, it will cost you $3 to $25 per square foot. On the other hand, self-leveling can cost $1.80 to $5 per square foot.

Can You Level Your Own Concrete?

Technically, you can. However, we don’t recommend doing a DIY approach to concrete leveling. As mentioned above, hiring a pro is better since a good leveling job requires experienced technicians and equipment. But the good news is, many companies offer quality services at reasonable prices. 

Work with a trusted concrete contractor when you work with us. We aim to provide trusted and quality concrete lifting services in Johnson City, as well as to other nearby counties (Washington County, Sullivan County, Carter County) and the entire Tri-Cities area.