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Concrete driveways can survive up to 50 years, and with less upkeep, they can look as great as the day they were installed. Concrete’s long-lasting utility, low maintenance cost, and ease of installation make it an excellent choice for your home improvement.

Today’s concrete driveway projects incorporate decorative options like concrete design stamping into the mix. It’s a unique way to brighten up your house’s front with artistic concrete. Adding a beautifully patterned concrete driveway gives your home a new look and feel.

We provide concrete services for residential and commercial properties in Johnson City, Tennessee, Kingsport, Tennessee, and the entire Tri-Cities Tennessee area. We collaborate with our clients to fully comprehend the project and their needs.

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The Benefits of
Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveway Johnson City

1. Bears Maximum Capacity.
Concrete is a sturdy material that can hold more weight than asphalt. Think about the possibility that other heavy vehicles will drive onto your property or garage. Since asphalt bends, tractors or other heavy loads can cause ruts or further damage.

2. Easy Upkeep.
You only need to do a little cleaning to maintain your concrete driveway. You’ll only need a hose, water under pressure, and a stiff-bristled clean brush. Using a concrete sealer (once a year) is another way to give your concrete surface an extra layer of protection.

3. Lasts Longer and Costs Less Maintenance.
While concrete may be costly to install upfront, remember that it’s long-lasting. A concrete driveway will last 50 to 60% longer than an asphalt driveway. With concrete, maintenance is less, so you’ll enjoy your money’s worth without worries.

4. Reacts Better To Heat.
A concrete surface takes less heat from the sun than an asphalt surface. The American Concrete Pavement Association finds that up to 27% of the light that falls on a concrete surface would be reflected, compared to only 5% of the light from asphalt.

5. No Evaporative Oils.
After installation, asphalt driveways release evaporative oils, sticky, greasy substances that can enter through shoes and other foot wears. Your home is safe with a concrete driveway. When the concrete dries up, there won’t be any oily substances.

6. Eco-friendly Installation.
The making and installation of concrete need less energy than the other options. Concrete comes from abundant, renewable resources, such as natural rock, water, sand, and cement, rather than petroleum-based asphalt.

7. Increases The Property’s Beauty.
Concrete driveways aren’t only grey and flat anymore. Today, you may be able to design your concrete driveway. For a unique appearance, contact us. We have a portfolio of concrete design templates for a nice driveway that boosts curb appeal.

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Concrete vs Asphalt
Which Driveway is Better?

Whether constructing a new house or building or simply renovating your current one, it is crucial to use the proper driveway material. Concrete and asphalt are the two most common paving materials used for driveways, and they differ in the following aspects:


If you are having concrete contractors handling your stamped concrete job, here’s what you can expect:

Longevity and Maintenance Expense
Asphalt driveways require maintenance and repairs. You need to seal asphalt driveways 6 months- 1 year after construction and every 3 – 5 years.
A well-built concrete driveway should endure decades, twice as long as asphalt. Concrete driveways need less maintenance and sealing. To maintain the quality of your concrete driveway, you only need to keep it tidy.

Climate and Weather Adaption
Constant thawing and freezing can break concrete, and road salt eats away at it. On the other hand, hot climates damage asphalt driveways. Hot asphalt could stick to shoes, clothes, and tires.
In a normal climate, however, concrete is overall preferred. It can adapt and is long-lasting. This implies quality construction from the start. A concrete material goes above and beyond!

Installing asphalt requires rolling and compressing; thus, finishes, stamping, and etching are complex. Concrete design, color, and patterns have elevated the driveway to a landscape design fitting today’s homeowners’ demands.
Concrete is a valuable home improvement tool that enhances a house’s landscaping and property value. Concrete can be made to look like tile, stone, or brick, or unique appearance like exposed aggregate.


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We’re here to help with everything from setup to repairs and upkeep. If you’re from Johnson City, Washington County, Sullivan County, Carter County, Tennessee, Tri-Cities, and nearby areas, we assure you our quality service will reach you with ease.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Concrete Service Questions We Hear

Does a New Concrete Driveway Increase Home Value?

Yes, it can add to a home value by between 5% and 10%. “A $700,000 home can expand up to a $770,000 home,” with this material.

The average cost of a two-car driveway is between $3-6,000, making this a significant investment. With the addition of a driveway, you may even contract for a concrete garage, patio, or other projects that could boost your property’s curb appeal and value even more.

What Type of Driveway Lasts The Longest?

The driveways that last longer are concrete because of the material’s proven reliability. Its superior durability and low maintenance requirements make it the best choice for a driveway over asphalt.
Notably, a concrete driveway’s quality depends on the concrete contractor’s skill and the concrete’s quality. With over 10 years of experience in the field, your concrete will be long-lasting and first-rate with us.