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Cement vs Concrete

Cement and concrete – these are two terms that are often mentioned when discussing building projects in Johnson City, TN. After all, the material used to build your structures can either make or break them.

We do more than provide you with top-notch concrete design or cement repair services in the Tri-Cities area. We want to equip our consumers with the knowledge when it comes to choosing the right materials for their building projects.

So, how do you know which material is ideal for your sidewalk, driveway, or pavement? Which material do we recommend to clients in Johnson City, Bristol, and Kingsport?

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The Difference Between Concrete and Cement

Although the terms “concrete” and “cement” are often used interchangeably, the latter is often an ingredient of the latter. Basically, concrete is a mixture of paste (a mixture of water and cement) and aggregates (which include crushed stone, gravel, or sand). On the other hand, cement functions as a binding agent; it is used to stick different building materials together.

Why We Recommend Concrete Over Cement

We can provide clients with quality cement services, such as cement repair, cement pouring, or cement paving. Our team considers cement good building material, especially for smaller projects. But for bigger projects in the Tri-Cities area, concrete is the way to go.

We prefer concrete over cement since the former is more durable than the latter. Known as one of the longest-lasting and strongest building materials, concrete can last for hundreds of years. It is used for bigger projects like schools, sidewalks, bridges, and other structures. While cement can be used in smaller projects, amateur handymen still prefer using concrete for a variety of DIY projects.

Concrete is also uniquely versatile. It starts out as a simple dry mixture that transforms into a flexible liquid material that you can mold into different shapes and structures. You’ll have no problem with any concrete design.

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What is the Difference Between Cement and Mortar?

So, what sets cement apart from mortar? The former is a binding agent, whereas the latter is a product composed of lime, sand, and cement. Each substance has a specific purpose; for instance, cement, when activated with water, bonds with other elements to create solid structures. On the other hand, mortar holds stones or bricks together. Unlike concrete, it cannot stand on its own.

How Long Does Cement Last?

Cement’s shelf life is three months, which is drastically shorter than concrete. Since it is made up of silica and calcium-rich materials, it is prone to cracking. Cracks in cement pose a detrimental effect on the overall strength of the structure. If you’re building a road, foundation, or driveway, cracking cement is problematic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Concrete Service Questions We Hear

Does a new concrete driveway increase the value of a home?

The addition of a concrete driveway can increase your property’s value by up to 10 percent. If your home is originally worth $600,000, adding a driveway can add $60,000 to your home’s price tag. 

When a customer asks us about pavement matters, we ask them to consider the following:

    • If homes nearby have paved driveways, consider paving yours. No one wants to have the lone dirt path in a sea of beautiful concrete driveways in Johnson City. 
    • If your neighbors don’t have paved driveways, pave yours. On the other hand, being the only home with a paved driveway gives your property an edge. 


Which driveway type lasts the longest?

A good driveway surface can last for more than a decade and provide long-lasting curb appeal and integrity during harsh weather (without stressing you out with maintenance). Materials make the quality of a driveway so it’s best to use the best materials.

Concrete tops the list, thanks to its durable surface that is capable of withstanding more wear and tear (compared to other driveway materials). Most concrete driveways can last for 25 to 30 years, as long as it is properly installed and maintained.

Concrete offers a secure and stable foundation that holds well in any climate. For maintenance, all you have to do is pressure wash the surface every couple of months. Don’t forget to seal it every five years.

Brick driveways also last for a long time. Apart from its longevity, it adds a touch of classic beauty to your home and comes in a variety of different colors and patterns. Asphalt driveways are also a crowd favorite among homeowners. It’s easy to install, affordable, and can last between 12 and 20 years.