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We are a stamped concrete company eager to serve clients in Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol, and other nearby areas. We’ve spent many years perfecting our paving services, which we are proud to offer to both residential and commercial clients. Since our establishment, we’ve helped many clients pave or build new areas like driveways, patios, and parking lots. Our team has also restored many damaged areas, too. 

We work with a variety of clients but we remain consistent with one thing: offering high-quality services to all of our customers. We train our technicians to properly evaluate your situation, present you with the best course of action, and clean up after each project. It’s all about quality when you choose our company. 

As a paving company that serves customers in the Tri-Cities area, count on our team to leave you with well-built paved areas that improve your home and add to its value. Our customers are our priority, so if you have any concerns or questions about our services, contact us. Our lines are always open for you.

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Stamped concrete is a popular and innovative construction material used in both residential and construction projects in the Tri-Cities area. Also known as ‘structured concrete’ or ‘imprinted concrete,’ this type of concrete enables builders to create realistic patterns of costly building materials (like tile, granite, and stone) without breaking the bank. 

Done well, stamped concrete projects can give your exteriors a unique design and a strong and long-lasting surface. 

If you are in need of skilled pros to do the job, our concrete contractors are at your service. Trust our team to create a mix of concrete that satisfies your architectural needs while meeting your budget. We serve the entire Tri-Cities area (Johnson City, Kingsport, and Bristol), as well as Washington County, Sullivan County, and Carter County, Tennessee.

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Concrete Patios

Our concrete contractors specialize in top-quality hardscape paver patio design and installation. Trust us to take charge of your retaining walls and other patio essentials. Whether you need a space to entertain your guests or a place to relax, our contractors are at your service. Our patio pavers are excellent for entertaining people with barbecue pits, fire pits, outdoor bars, outdoor kitchens, and more.

Trust our team to work quickly and thoroughly so you can immediately enjoy your new space.

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Concrete Driveways

For every concrete driveway we build, our contractors aim to build a stable and safe place for your cars while improving the curb appeal of your home. With our knowledge and skills, we can also complete the job quickly without going over your budget.

Our stamped concrete experts can help you design your driveway. We’ll offer suggestions on the placement, shape, size, and more. Once we have all the details, we’ll prepare the area and pour a high-quality concrete mixture over it. After this step, our contractors will level out your driveway and finish the look with some sealing. Once the concrete has dried, you’ll have an amazing concrete driveway in front of you.

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When it comes to improving your home’s form and function, only the best will do. After all, nothing speaks louder about your house than its exteriors. Your patios and driveways are one of the most important parts of the home that need regular upkeep. However, not everyone has the time to do the job.

This is why our concrete contractors are at your service. Our job is to make sure your home looks great by building/updating concrete patios, concrete driveways, concrete sidewalks, concrete ramps, etc. We do the hard work so you can sit back and relax or attend to other more important tasks. 

Need more reasons to choose our concrete contractor in Johnson City? Here are some:

1. Years of experience

Since we established our business, we’ve taken pride in providing the Tri-Cities area with years’ worth of quality work. We have a sound reputation, thanks to our show-stopping designs and excellent customer service.

2. Locally-owned

We are proud members of the Tri-Cities area. Instead of working with an out-of-state company, why not work with someone who is familiar with the wants and needs of the people in the city?

Beautiful designs. Whether you want traditional designs such as flagstone, brick, slate, or pavers, trust our design team to make your design dreams come true. If you want something custom, we work with you to achieve your goals. Our stamped concrete contractors work hard to earn your satisfaction.

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We offer a variety of foundation repair services, which include spread footing, drilled pier, steel piling, concrete piling, and other cost-effective solutions. Whether you want to improve structural concerns on your home or a commercial property, trust our contractors to create structures that can last for a long time. 

Our trained team strives to provide clients with a permanent solution for deep and shallow foundation problems due to weather changes, poor soil conditions, inadequate site preparation, age-related settlement, and other concerns. Our contractors will evaluate the potential problems before determining which repair method will deliver the best results. On top of that, our services will drastically enhance your curb appeal.


So, if you want to transform your dull hardscapes into ones that attract the attention of everyone else, we’re the team you can trust. Get in touch with us today to schedule your consultation with our stamped concrete contractors.

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We provide concrete services to all of Tri-Cities TN. Call today and schedule a consultation to bring your vision to reality!


Our concrete contractors specialize in making the dullest of hardscapes the most spectacular ones. We take ordinary concrete and turn it into a gorgeous yet functional work of art. Our team applies the proper patterned stamps and color to achieve your design goals. 

When you choose us, you’ll end up with a beautiful and low-maintenance concrete installation that improves your home without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions Concrete Companies Hear

How Do You Estimate a Concrete Job?

Concrete design and work usually involve the maximum weight when it comes to determining the work quantity and the overall cost. Therefore, it is important to calculate the related costs when preparing a project estimate.

The final cost of concrete depends on a list of factors:

1. Material costs. The cost of supplies and materials, as well as the shipping fees, can influence the cost of any construction project.
2. Site conditions. The location of the stamped concrete project affects the final cost of the concrete and the overall project. Traffic issues, environmental concerns, utility problems, wetlands and poor soil quality can impact the final price tag.
3. Labor rates. The local labor wages or rates specified by the state could also affect the total expenditure of the project.
4. Contingency. Cement contractors usually set aside a 10 percent contingency fund to cover any unprecedented cost. However, the scarcity of materials and inflation could demand a higher contingency rate of 15 percent to 20 percent.
5. Schedule. If the project’s schedule is too short for the work to be done, the stamped concrete work will have a higher cost. This is true for projects with liquidated damage clauses.

How Thick Should a Concrete Driveway Be?

Thickness is an important consideration when it comes to determining your driveway’s structural capacity. The standard concrete passenger car driveway should be four inches thick. If you have heavier vehicles, level up the concrete driveway’s thickness to five inches. However, increasing the thickness of your driveway from four to five inches could add 20 percent to your total price tag, but doing so will improve your driveway’s load-carrying capacity.

To provide additional structural support to your driveway, thicken the edge of your driveway by an inch or two.

What’s the Difference Between Cement and Concrete?

Cement and concrete are often the victims of mistaken identity since they look alike and behave similarly. While people ofen use the terms interchangeably, cement and concrete are not the same sediment mix. In fact, cement is an ingredient in concrete. For example, concrete can make up the foundation of your home, and the concrete was made with cement and other ingredients.

Concrete is a mixture of water, aggregate, and cement. It is widely used as a construction material in both commercial and residential projects. Cement, on the other hand, is a binder made from a mixture of calcium, silicon, aluminum, iron, and other substances found in silica sand, ore, iron, clay, chalk, shells, and limestone. Builders mix cement with water to create concrete.

Do I Need Rebar in Concrete Driveway?

Rebar (short for “reinforcing bar”) isn’t a must for every concrete project. In general, if you pour concrete that is more than five inches in depth, additional rebar reinforces the entire structure. But if your project is not on a commercial level, we recommend using a wire mesh, which is a great and more affordable alternative to rebar. It’s a common material used for projects like home driveways.

A rebar is ideal if you want to control cracking down the line. This can save you more money on repair work and maintain the aesthetics of your concrete for the years to come.